opera 20. 5. 2015

Philoctetes by Jan Klusák presented at The National Theatre

The National Theatre will present a new opera by composer Jan Klusák on the motives of the ancient story of Philoctetes as a part of the 70th International Prague Spring Music Festival. The project in co-production with the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre will premiere in Prague on Saturday 23 May 2015.

For the theme of his latest opera Jan Klusák reached into ancient mythology. Philoctetes a participant of the Greek expedition against Troy is due to his non-healing and stinking wound rejected by the Greeks, which are led by Ulysses and left on a desert island. But later they realise that they cannot win without him and visit him to lure away his bow, without which, according to the prophecy, Troy cannot be defeated. "Personal and timeless inspiration led me to compose this work. Isolation, loneliness, rejection from his own people, this has been an experience of various people both here and elsewhere in the world. The topic is about enduring pain and being expelled from society," says of the theme composer Jan Klusák. 

"Jan Klusák is a leading figure in Czech New music and to perform his new work Philoctetes is an enactment of new Czech opera. But also the composer himself, as Jan Klusák is Philoctetes," says the Artistic Director of the National Theatre Opera and The State Opera Petr Kofroň. 

The National Theatre in 2002 presented in one evening the opera Report for the Academy / Bertram and Mescalinda at Kolowrat Theatre with sixteen reruns. At the historical building of The National Theatre Klusák´s opera will be heard for the first time. The opera with the Orchestra of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre is musically prepared by conductor Marko Ivanović. Title role of Philoctetes is assumed by James Tolaš. 

Jan Klusák (born 1934) is one of the most important Czech composers of the present day with a rich orchestral, chamber, choral, film, television as well as opera and ballet production background.

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