The National Theatre Opera

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  • Opera The National Theatre

    Wagner: Lohengrin

    22 & 24 February with Andreas Schager, Dana Burešová, Thomas J. Mayer, and Eliška Weissová

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  • Opera The Estates Theatre

    Donizetti: Viva la Mamma

    A crazy comedy on 28 February, 8 & 17 March

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  • State Opera

    Performances of the State Opera at the Karlín Music Theatre

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The National Theatre Opera presents apart from classic productions also modern works. See below what our New Stage offers.


A composer Ivan Acher thought about setting Klíma’s work The Sufferings of Prince Sternenhoch to music back in 1993. The expressionistic nature of Ladislav Klíma’s work and the subject of a fictitious story full of murders, dreams about murders, tattle and high philosophising of the five main characters directly urges the application of trained voices within the new context of the sonic potential of electronic composition. The typical Klímaesque metaphysical penetration of reality into dream and dream into reality has motivated Acher to set the story beyond time sequence, thus giving rise to a space of infinite possibilities, whereby “Beauty is a kiss between love and monstrosity”

Dates: 23. 1. 201917. 2. 2019

No Man

Žádny člověkThe music drama in three focuses on the tragic fate of the sculptor Otakar Švec and the destiny of his final work – the monument to Joseph Stalin, which once towered above Prague. The music, composed by Jiří Kadeřábek, employs soloists and a chamber ensemble, recorded children’s choir, mixed choir and orchestra. The musical concept is based on the integration of absent performers and stage action, with this contrast creating an analogy to the absent presence of the Stalin monument from the current perspective.

Dates: 6. 1. 20197. 1. 2019, 18. 3. 2019, 19. 3. 2019


Don Hrabal

Don Hrabal

The opera Don Hrabal depicts the final years in the life of the celebrated Czechoslovak author. By no means, however, is it merely a “portrait of the artist as an old man”. Instead, it presents Hrabal as a lonely Mohican, a dreamer seeking beauty in the everyday and the ordinary, a brilliant storyteller and witty commentator. By the medium of the three essential women in his life, Hrabal concurrently reveals his innermost feelings, freely guiding us through them against the backdrop of the history of the second half of the 20th century. Following A Human Tragicomedy, an opera inspired by the writer/philosopher Ladislav Klíma, Don Hrabal is Orson’s second opera.

Dates: 7. 2. 201913. 2. 201927. 2. 2019, 28. 3. 2019


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