The National Theatre for Children

We present you the offer of the National Theatre productions appropriate for families with children. We recommend the minimal age under each title. For morning and afternoon performances you may apply the discount of 20% on tickets for your children under 15. This discount can be applied both online and at the National Theatre box offices.

Entitled to a discount is proved at the entrance to the theatre, not while purchasing tickets. Discount does not apply to rentals, guest performances and special projects for schools.

While attending the theatre students and young viewers under 26 can also use a 50% discount on selected seats for all the National Theatre performances.



Hänsel and Gretel

Hänsel and Gretel5+, The Karlin Music Theatre
The production is directed by Matěj Forman, who has created the magical sets for La Belle et la Bête and Enchantia. The fairy-tale opera for the whole family is performed in Czech with English surtitles.

The Cunning Little Vixen

7+, The National Theatre
What happens after the forester brings home a little vixen from the woods? The story of the vixen, her growing up and regaining freedom. And of the schoolmaster’s difficulties with love, reminiscences of the priest, and how the forester ultimately encounters the vixen again.

The Bartered Bride

7+, The National Theatre
When matchmaker Kecal altogether with stuttering Vašek enter into Jenik and Mařenka’s way, Jenik must outwit Kecal’s tricks and safe the common happiness. Everything is livened up by comedians.

The Devil and KateThe Devil and Kate

5+, The National Theatre
A fairy-tale of the dauntless Kate, the shrewd shepherd Jirka and the deceived devil Marbuel in the traditional production featuring Adolf Born’s wonderful sets and costumes.


7+, The Karlin Music Theatre
The moving story of a hapless water nymph who has left her world to live amidst the humans, driven by a desire for love. The production is staged by the renowned director of films for children Zdeněk Troška.


5+, The Children’s Opera Prague at The New Stage
Budulinek, The Little Red Riding Hood, The Twelve Months and the Sleeping Beauty: minioperas
by J. Uhlíř and Z. Svěrák performed by The Children’s Opera Prague.

We Are Going by Train

5+, The Children’s Opera Prague at The New Stage
Free sequel by Miniopera authors J. Uhlíř and Z. Svěrák


The Blue Bird

7+, The Estates Theatre
The most famous text by Flemish symbolist, the Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck, is one of the most impressive allegory of world literature, and therefore speaks to both adult and child audiences.


La Bayadère

7+, The National Theatre
The late-Romantic ballet to Ludwig Minkus’s music, telling the story of a temple dancer in exotic India, is characterised by exquisite sets and abounds in virtuoso performances. The work has been frequently staged by leading ballet company all over the world.   

The Little Mermaid

9+, The Estates Theatre
Far away, at the very bottom of the ocean, which no anchor can reach and no human eye can see, is the home of marine beings. Dolphins, mermaids, the Sea King, his old mother and his daughter, the Little Mermaid. The ballet production, based on Andersen’s famed fairy tale, depicts the story of the sea nymph’s love for the terrestrial prince, for whom she sacrifices the most precious things she has – her life.

The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol

5+, National Theatre
The widely popular production for families with children is not only a celebration of Christmas, it also conveys a profound message, revealing how kindness and compassion can make the people around us happy. In his adaptation, based on Marius Petipa’s famous ballet to P. I. Tchaikovsky’s splendid music, Youri Vàmos drew inspiration from E. T. A. Hoffmann’s fantasy tale The Nutcracker and the Mouse King and Charles Dickens’s story A Christmas Carol.

La Fille mal gardée / The Wayward Daughter

La Fille mal gardée (The Wayward Daughter)5+, National Theatre
One of the oldest ballets still staged worldwide, it has enthused audiences since 1789. Over the centuries, it has fascinated numerous choreographers, including Sir Frederick Ashton, the creator of the current Czech National Ballet production. La Fille mal gardée celebrates joie de vivre and, above all, love. It is a traditionally conceived ballet, featuring painted props and a live pony, replete with humour and engrossing dance.

We Love Ballet

A special Czech National Ballet project, intended for all lovers of dance art. It includes regular workshops, particularly for children.
More information


Laterna magika

The Little Prince

12+, The New Stage
Based on fabulous novel by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry, our production combines polyekran principle scenography with drama, dance, music and singing altogether with movie projections. The principle of Laterna Magika is fully developed.

Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne

Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne 9+, The New Stage
What happens when a team of filmmakers at the beginning of the 20th century lead by a preoccupied director decided to shoot fates of heroes of Jules Verne? And what if the shooting is interrupted by the renowned author himself and by his authoritative wife? The new project by Laterna Magika is freely inspired by famous novels by Jules Verne, especially The Mysterious Island.

The Wonderful Circus

5+, The New Stage
Welcome to our miraculous circus where you can travel to find the mysterious beauty Venus, experiencing numerous adventures.

As Far As I Can See

5+, The New Stage
Laterna Magika again presents itself as a theatre of visual miracles. The production for the entire family tells the story of a small girl Agátka and her fanciful world in which everyday events change into an exciting adventure.

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