Slavic Temper in the 2019/2020 season – a triple bill of three Slavic nations


New Scene
Freedom, authenticity, Slavic nature, originality. Seven performances in the 2019/2020 season

Three choreographies, three artists. Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic came together to give birth to a unique evening – Slavic Temper. Andrey KaydanovskiyKatarzyna Kozielska and Ondřej Vinklát are young choreographers with exceptional talent and vision, typical Slavic nature and great ability to express emotions. Their works Perfect Example, Aspects and Dumka are coming back to the New Stage!

Slavic Temper – in the 2019/2020 season seven performances only!
13. 8 pm / 14. 3. 4 pm and 8 pm / 23. 3. 8 pm / 8. 4. 8 pm / 15. 4. 8 pm / 16. 4. 8 pm
The New Stage of the National Theatre

Slavic Temper is a successful triple bill. The three choreographies (Aspects, Dumka and Perfect Example) are inspired by the Slavic soul of their creators – Katarzyna Kozielska (Poland), Ondřej Vinklát (the Czech Republic) and Andrey Kaydanovskiy (Russia). These young artists look at our human society in an original way but also show that our existence can bee perceived lyrically, like a poem. All three works were created directly for the Czech National Ballet.

The repertoire of the Czech National Ballet is rich and wide. The three contemporary ballet creations presented on the New Stage prove it. We wish you a pleasant and exciting experience!

A discount for “JUNIOR” viewers will be announced soon.

photo: Martin Divíšek, Pavel Hejný, Serghei Gherciu