Rigoletto online on the website during March


The State Opera
Premiérový titul
Modern adaptation
Popular title

Recordings of both premieres of Rigoletto that took place on 30/1 and 2/2 will be available online on the web of the theatre during March.

The Czech director Barbora Horáková Joly, who received the prestigious British “Newcomer” International Opera Award 2018, and who currently works for leading European opera houses, directed the piece. The young and talented Italian conductor Vincenzo Milletarì prepared the musical side of this production.

In the lead role, you will see and hear the Spanish-American baritone Daniel Luis de Vicente and Georgian soloist Nikoloz Lagvilava. Sopranos Olga Jelínková and Marie Fajtová performed as Gilda. As The Duke of Mantua, you will see the Chinese tenors Long Long and Kyungho Kim from Korea. The State Opera Chorus and Orchestra accompany the soloists.

Both casts can be found on the website of the production.