Leonce & Lena – a new premiere of the Czech National Ballet


On Saturday November 30 at the Estates Theatre

A new ballet Leonce & Lena will become a part of our repertoire starting November 30 at the Estates Theatre. German choreographer Christian Spuck got inspired by the eponymous comedy of Georg Büchner and created the ballet in 2008 for Aalto Ballett Theater in Essen. Today Spuckʼs choreography is famous throughout the world thanks to its specific timeless themes.

In his satirical comedy Büchner engaged in social criticism and now Christian Spuck in his fairy tale crosses the border of time and offers us a new, modern and truly timeless picture. He explains:
“Just as king Peter manages to remember his subjects only through a knot on his handkerchief, we often wonder how easily todayʼs politicians forget the needs of their voters. Leonce and Lena run away from their parentsʼ wedding plans but at the end they meet before the altar anyway. All of us have experienced such fatalism of history and the fact that despite our best intentions there are things that can not be changed...”

Spuckʼs ballet Leonce & Lenais a fairy tale and has many layers of meaning. As such it has the ability to address and inspire all generations – adults, teenagers, children.
“Every one of you knows some Leonce who is terribly bored and does not know what to do with his life, such feelings are typical for late teen years. Apart from dealing with social issues, my ballet Leonce & Lena showsus why our life is worth living.”

We are looking forward to this contemporary story with sets and costumes of high aesthetic quality. Our dancers will not only dance but also act! Come and see our new performance!

photo: Pavel Hejný