Do you have some foreign visitors or English-speaking friends coming to Prague? For English-speaking theatregoers, the National Theatre has prepared a special offer. Some of the performances are provided with English subtitles.

William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A magical play replete with motifs, entanglements and mysteries, which true theatregoers must see at least once in their lifetime.
The National Theatre: 18. 6., 22. 9., 8. 10.

Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

Is it possible to fall in love against one’s will?
The National Theatre:  11. 6., 17. 9.21. 10., 2. 11.

Maurice Maeterlinck: The Blue Bird

A fairy tale for children, a symbolic story for adults. A play about seeking happiness, which may be surprisingly nearby.
The Estates Theatre: 21. 9.

Alois Mrštík, Vilém Mrštík: Marysha 

Marysha kills Vávra with a poison poured into his coffee.
The National Theatre: 6. 9.13. 10., 5. 11.

Ladislav Fuks: The Cremator

A horror story from a crematorium and beyond…
The Estates Theatre: 26. 9., 12. 11.

Rebecca Lenkiewiczová: The Night Season

A bitter comedy from the part of Great Britain that is so dangerously similar to our home … 
The Estates Theatre: 12. 10., 26. 11.

Jiří Adámek: New Atlantis

The current tumultuous era urges many to fantasise about a better world order.
The New Stage: 10. 9.23. 9., 22. 10., 18. 11.

Moira Buffini: Welcome to Thebes

A contemporary play treating contemporary topics, yet featuring Ancient Greek figures. 

The Estates Theatre: 13. 11.

The Night Season
The Cremator New Atlantis