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Trio for One - CZ

The magic of ballet and ballet magic by Petr Zuska. The book is written in Czech language.
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Product description

The depiction of an exceptional personality of the choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the Czech National Ballet Petr Zuska to complete his fifteen years of work in these life roles. The fifteen seasons at the National Theatre are the backbone of "remote calls" between Petr Zuska and Nina Vangeli, Libor Vaculík, Diana Vishneva, Daniel Dvorak, Alexandre Katsapov, Jiří Kylián, Jiří Pavlica, Pavla Zuskova, Pavel Šmok, Ctibor Turba, Viktor Preiss, Jan Bílý, Jan Dušek, Jiří Lábus and exponent Pavel Šmok – personalities with whom he is connected not only with professional, friendly but also with human bonds.


The part of the book is also the summary of individual seasons and, above all, beautiful and rich photographic documentation – dancing and personal.



Edited by: Tomáš Vondrovic
Language: Czech (English resume included)

Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Grada Publishing, a.s.
Format: 204 pages, 230 x 210 mm, hardback
ISBN: 978-80-271-0459-8 Grada Publishing, 978-80-7258-611-0 Národní divadlo