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The Little Mermaid Programme

A booklet for the production of The Little Mermaid

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Product description

Far away, at the very bottom of the ocean, which no anchor can reach and no human eye can see, is the home of marine beings. Dolphins, mermaids, the Sea King, his old mother and his daughter, the Little Mermaid, whose skin is as clear and smooth as a rose petal, eyes as blue as the deepest water, and whose greatest pleasure is to listen to stories about the human world far above.


What you may expect to find in the programme?

The libretto or the content in other words, colour photographs of the production and its preparation, introductory words by one of the directors Lukáš Trpišovský; the life of H. Ch. Andersen in dates and an article about the symbolism of water, feet, hair, as well as fish and female tears.