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Laterna magika: its Golden Era through the eyes of contemporaries - CZ

A publication marking the 60th anniversary of Laterna magika. The book is written in Czech language.
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Product description

The book presents a view of the history of the phenomenal theatre, which came into being back in 1958 at the Expo in Brussels, under the helm of the brilliant director Alfréd Radok and the superb set designer Josef Svoboda. What was the artists’ life with Laterna magika like? The actors and presenters Sylva Daníčková, Zdena Procházková, Valentina Thielová, Jaroslava Panýrková, and a number of dancers, musicians and other artists recall their time spent with Laterna magika. Marking its 60th anniversary, the book highlights the company’s Golden Era.


Author: Lucie Kocourková

Language: Czech

Publication date: 2018

Publisher: Universum

Format: 280 pages, 335 x 237 x 16  mm, hardback

ISBN: 978-80-242-6066-2