It Was My Fate at Random I - CZ

Memoirs of the famous Czech actress Vlasta Chramostová in Czech language
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Product description

The publication in 1999 of the memoirs of the famed Czech actor Vlasta Chramostová (b. 17. 11. 1926) was an important literary, as well as social event. Precious few of the renowned post-war artists have spoken about their past with such a degree of openness, self-criticism and verity, with such a degree of distance and tolerance to the others. Her path from a prominent actress to a dissident, depicted somewhat at random yet all the more dramatically, continued in 1989 with her returning to the National Theatre. The second volume of Chramostová’s memoirs is dedicated to the period of her life following the collapse of Communism. In just as highly an impressive, singular style, the book captures the elderly artist’s strong will and resolve to reassume her beloved vocation and face new challenges. 



Author: Vlasta Chramostová

Language: Czech

Publication date: 2018

Publisher: Academia

Format: 492 pages, 202 x 138 mm, hardback

ISBN: 978-80-200-2816-7