Zuzana Herényiová

Member of the Laterna magika ensemble

Born in Bratislava, Slowakia. Studied at classical gymnasium and gained dance education at the same time in various dance studios and companies. Studied Pedagogy of classical dance at VŠMU (Mgr.Art.).
She was member of Dance Theatre Bralen, J. A. N. Company of Ján Ďurovčík and Prague Chamber Ballet and ballet of the Prague State Opera. She also performed and performs in musicals in Theatre Kalich (Robin Hood, Grease, Jane of Arc and others) and independent projects. Member of Laterna magika sice the 2005/06 season. Cooperated with many choreographers (R. Letenay, B. Taylor, J. Alegado, Ch. Perrera, P. Mika, J. Kodet, P. Šmok, L. Vaculík, P. Zuska ad.). Participates on project of the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE (chor. V. Kuneš: (Neen-ya, Affordance, Package, Reen, MayWind-up, Mirage) and in the past also on projects by French choreographer Jena-Pierre Aviotte and his company La Compagnie Commun Instant. She is also active as pedagogue in the company, at the Academy of Performing Arts and she also teaches at the New Stage Dance Studio.

Zuzana Herényiová appears in events

Zuzana Herényiová appears in productions

SEASON 2019/2020


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