Vanda Šípová

Vanda Šípová graduated in 2001 from Prague’s Conservatory (Professor L. Perret - USA, Professor H. Pecková). During her studies she collaborated on an external basis with the State Opera Prague and appeared at concerts with the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra.
She has appeared at concerts (mainly for foreign audiences) together with the guitarist Josef Mazan, sung as a soloist with the Eve Quartet, worked for the Franco-Czech Theatre Company, performed as a guest with the KREPSKO dramatic ensemble. She also sang in Daniel Landa’s Rockquiem project. Her repertoire comprises Czech and world operatic airs, as well as spiritual songs. Vanda Šípová is continuing her singing studies under the tutelage of Professor V. Zítek. In 2004 her CD of operatic airs was released.
At the National Theatre she studied the role of Kristýna the singer in The Phantom, or A Bloody Opera and was a cover for the role of Geysha in M. Smolka’s Nagano.

Vanda Šípová appears in productions

SEASON 2017/2018