Václav Postránecký

Člen Činohry

He started to act and sing in renowned Disman radio children’s ensemble, he played children roles in films and at the Theater of Vinohrady. Václav apprenticed to be a locksmith, but destiny led him into the theatre, where he began to work as a stage technician. In years 1960 - 1962 he started to act in Slovácké Theatre in Uherské Hradiště. In the following years (1962 – 1969) was contracted at the Brno National Theatre (for example in Shakespeare‘s – „A Midsummer Night's Dream“). Then came the first engagement in the Prague Municipal Theatres. Václav is a member of the National Theatre company since 1979 and is still faithful to this scene - for more than a thirty years now. From a long list of characters he performed there we are mentioning at least a little bit of them: Edgar (Shakespeare: „King Lear“), Rogozhin (Dostoyevsky: „The Idiot“), Rosenkrantz (Shakespeare : „Hamlet“), Oront (Moliere: „Le Misanthrope“), i(Shakespeare: „King Henry IV“ - both parts), Count d'Albafiorita (Goldoni: „Mirandolina“) etc. He is famous for his television and film roles and with his collaboration with radio. He is the president of the Actors Association, since 2005.


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