Federico Ievoli

Demisoloist of The Czech National Ballet

Federico studied in Italy at a La Scala dance school. He danced in Balletto di Siena under the tutelage of Marco Batti (2011–2015) and in 2013 became a soloist there. In 2015 he joined the Czech National Ballet in Prague and four years later became a demisoloist.
He dances in classical gems such as Swan Lake (J. Cranko), The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol (Y. Vàmos), La Bayadère (J. Torres), La Fille mal gardée (F. Ashton) as well as in neoclassical choreographies like G. Balanchine’s Serenade or in contemporary works such as Romeo and Juliet (P. Zuska), Valmont (L. Vaculík), Decadance (O. Naharin), Rain (R. Poklitaru), Cacti (A. Ekman)[M2] , Solo for the Twoo of Us and Brel – Vysotsky – Kryl / Solo for Three (P. Zuska), The Little Mermaid (J. Kodet), Separate Knots (E. Gat), Le sacre du printemps (G. Tetley), Slavic Temper Dumka (O. Vinklát) / Aspects (K. Kozielska) and Kylián – Bridges of Time / Symphony of Psalms (J. Kylián).


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