Činohra Stavovské divadlo

Masaryk in America

Performed in English and Czech with Czech and English surtitles

Prague Shakespeare Company


Adapted from historical records and directed by Guy Roberts

Jan Unger - T.G. Masaryk
Karel Heřmánek Jr. - Karel Čapek
Bob Boudreaux – Woodrow Wilson

Přemysl Janda - LIghting Design
Eva Bellefeuille - Costume Design
Patrick Neil Doyle - Musical Arrangements adapted from Dvorak, Smetana and others

Prague Shakespeare Company honors the 100th Anniversary of Czechoslovakia with a special performance of Masaryk in America, an original new bi-lingual play performed in Czech and English adapted from historical transcripts and directed by PSC Artistic Director Guy Roberts. This special celebration positively highlights the efforts of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk to help create and guide the new nation of Czechoslovakia 100 years ago.

The script, constructed from historical records and the writings of T.G. Masaryk, Karel Čapek’s and others, allows T.G. Masaryk to speak in his own words and re-creates key moments from Masaryk’s efforts in America to create Czechoslovakia, including his several interactions with US President Woodrow Wilson. Experiencing Masaryk through his own words, the evening offers windows into Masaryk’s philosophies and reflections looking back at his achievements through his historic conversations with Karel Čapek, and an insightful and illuminating view of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the hero who fought for the formation of Czechoslovakia as a democratic state inspired and galvanized by his time in America. Under Masaryk, Czechoslovakia became the strongest democracy in Central Europe. Ultimately, Masaryk’s love for democracy and hate for violence gained him immense respect in the Czech lands and around the world. We celebrate the man who proudly defended ethics, democracy, humanism, philosophy, education, and art – Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk as one of history’s most influential leaders who changed the course of the 20th century and beyond, serving as a model for democracy and leadership still to this day.

Masaryk in America will be performed in Czech and English with surtitles provided in both languages. All scenes between Czech characters will be played in Czech with English surtitles and all scenes between Czech and American characters will be played in a combination of Czech and English with Czech surtitles.

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