Činohra Stavovské divadlo

Troilus and Cressida / The Trojan Women

Prague Shakespeare Company



Performed in English with Czech surtitles
Director - Guy Roberts and Rebecca Greene Udden
Composer - Patrick Neil Doyle
Scenography - Markéta Trösterová-Fantová
Costume Design - Eva Bellefeuille
Light Designer - Přemysl Janda

A unique double bill of two plays in one evening: Shakespeare’s Troilus in Cressida and Euripides The Trojan Women. Featuring virtuosic performances and an exciting composition by Patrick Neil Doyle, these two plays are a a tour-de-force evening based on Shakespeare’s and Euripides’ unique perspective of the Trojan War; examining our addiction to humanity’s unshakable attraction to love, violence, destruction and chaos. Has anything really changed since the Trojan War? The story of the Trojan War, as told in the Iliad, is the foundational epic of Western civilization. For centuries the triumphs and struggles of Helen, Achilles, Hecuba, Odysseus and the heroes and heroines of the Bronze Age have inspired, shocked and warned us of the horrors of war and the consequences of destructive human behavior. This timeless tale, perhaps now more relevant than ever, is told over three unique theatrical experiences: An Iliad (playing 24 January 2018), Troilus and Cressida and The Trojan Women (30 April 2018).

Troilus and Cressida
Shakespeare’s gripping look at year seven of the Trojan War in a new modern English language translation of Troilus and Cressida by Lillian Groag, produced in association with Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Play On! 36 playwrights translate Shakespeare project.
Starring Jana Pidrmanova as Helen of Troy, Gregory Gudgeon, Irwin Appel, Jessica Boone, Fanette Ronjat, and Guy Roberts among other PSC favorites TBA.

The Trojan Women
Euripides harrowing look at the aftermath of war in The Trojan Women starring Rebecca Greene Udden as Hecuba with Jana Pidrmanova as Helen of Troy, Jessica Boone, and Fanette Ronjat among other PSC favorites TBA.

Data představení

Duben 2018


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