Business Terms and Conditions

Upon purchasing a ticket, the theatre visitor agrees to the following business terms and conditions:

  • With his/her appearance, attire and behaviour in the auditorium and adjacent premises of the theatre the visitor respects the conventions expected when attending a theatre performance.

    A few words on the theatre code of conduct.

    • The dress code is usually only required for special events, and for such cases it is specified on the tickets. With your behaviour and attire, however, you always indicate that you are aware of the festive occasion you are experiencing at the theatre.
    • Arriving in time pays off. You will find your seat, have enough time to switch off your mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device. Late arrivals can only be shown to their seats by the auditorium staff, while directly entering the auditorium after a performance has started is not possible.
    • All of us present share a mutual experience. Noise from the auditorium not only distracts the artists on stage but also the theatre-goers in the auditorium.
    • Think about what your children are able to sit through. Not every performance is suitable for children.
    • Please leave your belongings and outer-wear at the theatre cloak-room.
    • Taking photographs and making recordings not only disturbs those present at the theatre, it also infringes copyrights. Therefore, it is forbidden.
    • Theatre is a cultural institution. Please abide by general rules of decent conduct.

  • The theatre visitor is entitled to receive the respective discount on the price of the tickets sold directly by the National Theatre should he/she meet the requirements for its being granted. The type and amount of the discount is printed on the ticket and the auditorium staff are entitled to ask the theatre visitor to document his/her entitlement to a discount prior to entering the auditorium. 
  • Tickets can be booked for later purchase, namely, usually up to three calendar days. Reservations cannot be made one day before the performance and on the actual day of the performance, tickets can only be purchased directly. Ticket reservations made earlier automatically cease to be valid at the beginning of the day before the performance (at midnight). Example: All prior reservations for the performance given on 10 September expire at midnight from 8 to 9 September. Afterwards, it is not possible to order new reservations.
  • To preclude possible abuse, we do not accept back nor replace purchased tickets. 
  • Any unauthorised change to the ticket, including removal of the control coupon, renders the ticket invalid. Ticket forgery is punishable by law. 
  • Persons arriving late at a performance are seated in the auditorium according to the instructions given by the auditorium staff. Direct entry to the auditorium after the performance has started is not possible.
  • Taking photographs and making audio-video recordings during performances is forbidden.
  • Ticket reservations are binding. After an invoice has been paid or cash on delivery payment made, the tickets cannot be cancelled; the number and category of tickets, and the date of the performance cannot be changed.
  • Immediately after purchasing a ticket, the theatre visitor is advised to check the correctness of the data and the visibility from the seat for which he/she has bought the ticket.
  • Change to the programme is reserved. 
  • In the event that a performance is changed, the tickets remain valid for a substitute performance. If the theatre visitor has already seen the substitute performance and chooses not to attend it, he/she can return the unused tickets at the place where they were purchased, i.e. at the respective contractual partner’s or at a National Theatre box office. Money for tickets purchased online is paid back through a non-cash credit transaction. Money for tickets purchased in bulk is usually paid back to the ordering party. It is possible to ask for substitution of a ticket with another ticket or for returning of money within 14 days from the date on which the substitute performance took place.
  • In the event that a performance is cancelled, it is possible to ask for being paid the money back or for substituting the ticket for another performance within 14 days, to wit, in the same manner as in the case when a performance is changed and the ticket holder does not choose to attend a substitute performance. In the event that a performance is cancelled, in well-founded cases the National Theatre reserves the right towards its contractual partners to return money for purchased tickets at the National Theatre box offices also for the tickets sold by authorised dealers, yet without the service charge possibly applied by the authorised dealer.
  • The National Theatre reserves the right to change or amend these instructions. By purchasing and presenting a ticket, its holder assents to these instructions.
  • Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1837, Letter j) of the Civil Code, once you have purchased a ticket, even online, it is binding, since it concerns an agreement on using leisure time and the ticket you have bought is for a theatre performance on the specified date.