Laterna magika The New Stage

Cocktail 012 – The Best of

We will lead you through highlights of the former and current repertory

This performance was canceled!


Theme: Václav Janeček
Dramaturgy: Václav Janeček, Zdeněk Prokeš
Stage director: Jan Loukota
Edit: Jan Loukota
Camera: Jan Loukota
Music: Stanislav Abrahám
Sound-design: Stanislav Abrahám
Sets: Miloslav Heřmánek
Costumes: Jarmila Konečná, Pavel Knolle, Roman Šolc, Šárka Polak Hejnová, Jan Skalický, Pavel Ivančic

In Cocktail 012 - The Best of we would like to introduce our audience selection from our past and present repertory. The evening is a representative display of various subjects and artistic practices, which are used by Laterna magika in its performances. It enables viewers to get to know many different approaches and maybe help them to decide which performance to visit next. We pick up selections from past (e.g. Variations, 1963) as well as present projects (Casanova, Graffiti, Legends of Magic Prague).

Programme includes a short revue Code 58.08, which was created to celebrate 50 years of Laterna magika in 2008. Code 58.08 is a small sight into way, in which film or digital technology can hand in hand with choreography work in the imagination of young generation. A little bit of "retro", peek off-stage or, small walk through some places connected with the history of Laterna magika and many more, together with a couple of dancers, who will guide you through the entire performance.

Approximate running time, including intermission: 1 hour, 40 minutes, one 20-minute intermission.


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