The National Theatre Benefactors' Club

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29. 1. 2016

Czech National Ballet Preparatory School

The Czech National Ballet Preparatory School has received a donation amounting to CZK 50,000. This contribution has been used to purchase certificates, as well as tutus for the pupils.

29. 1. 2016

Restoration of an organ

The Patrons have donated CZK 50,000 for urgent repairs of the organ at the National Theatre historical building.

29. 1. 2016

Art projects – Martin Beck

The philanthropist Karel Janeček has donated to the National Theatre CZK 248,800 for the drawing up of the documentation for selected art projects, which will be directed by the art photographer Martin Beck.

29. 1. 2016

Restoration of lunettes

Owing to the donation provided by our generous patron Prof. Dr. Dadja Altenburg-Kohl, the restoration of Mikoláš Aleš’s and František Ženíšek’s wall paintings and lunettes at the National Theatre has been completed. Mrs. Altenburg-Kohl has donated CZK 460,000 for the third, and final, phase of the restoration.

29. 1. 2016

The National Theatre Opera – Opera Academy

The National Theatre Patrons have donated CZK 100,000 for the materialisation of an educational project whose aim it is to cultivate knowledge of the opera genre on the part of young Czech journalists.

29. 1. 2016

Laterna magika

Last year, the National Theatre Patrons supported a Laterna magika project titled Laterna LAB. This year, they have added CZK 80,000 to its budget.

29. 1. 2016

The National Theatre Drama – Creative workshops

For the second time, our Patrons will be supporting a successful, interactive project. They have decided to donate CZK 250,000, which will cover the fee of the tutor leading the creative workshops for students, and the theatre programme for the whole calendar year