The National Theatre Benefactors' Club

Being a benefactor is a state of mind,

not about the state of your bank balance.

How to become a benefactor


The National Theatre Benefactors’ Club has linked up to the tradition of patronage, which for centuries was a functioning principle of Czech society and which was at the actual origination of the National Theatre, an unparalleled institution and one of the key symbols of Czech national identity.


By becoming a member of the National Theatre Benefactors’ Club, you will be part of a unique fellowship and will visit the most interesting theatre, music and ballet events in Prague in great comfort.


The Benefactors’ Club will allow you to directly express your affection for the National Theatre through, for example, financially supporting a specific production or another artistic project, granting a donation for restoration of one of the artistic monuments from the “gallery” of the National Theatre, Estates Theatre and State Opera.


In return for your support, you will receive attractive benefits entailing real participation in our prime stage’s social life and an exclusive seat in the National Theatre auditoriums.