The National Theatre Opera

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  • Opera The Karlín Music Theatre

    G. Verdi: Rigoletto

    28 JUNE

  • Opera The National Theatre

    Puccini: Madama Butterfly

    3 July

  • Opera The National Theatre

    Puccini: Tosca

    5 July

  • State Opera

    Performances of the State Opera at the Karlín Music Theatre

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Kate and DevilFor families with children

We present you the offer of the National Theatre Opera productions appropriate for families with children. We recommend the minimal age under each title. For morning and afternoon performances you may apply the discount of 20% on tickets for your children under 15. This discount can be applied both online and at the National Theatre box offices.

Hänsel and Gretel
5+, Karlin Music Theatre
The director of Hänsel and Gretel, Matěj Forman, is known to the public for his magical scenography for Beauty and the Beast or Enchantia. A fairy-tale opera for the whole family is performed in Czech.
The Cunning Little Vixen
7+, National Theatre
What happened after a gamekeeper brought home a little vixen, how she grown up and regain her freedom again. The story is also about teacher’s troubles with love, priest’s memories and about how the gamekeeper met the vixen again.
The Bartered Bride
7+, National Theatre
When matchmaker Kecal altogether with stuttering Vašek enter into Jenik and Mařenka’s way, Jenik must outwit Kecal’s tricks and safe the common happiness. Everything is livened up by comedians.
The Devil and Kate
5+, National Theatre
Cute fairy-tale opera about fearless Kate, cunning shepherd Jirka and deceived devil Marbuel in the classical production by an artist Adolf Born.
The Jacobín
7+, National Theatre
Return to the classroom to the days gone by in a playful production full of wit and warmhearted confession.
7+, Karlin Music Theatre
Touching tale about water nymph, who left the depths because of longing for love, production staged by the favourite fairy-tale director Zdenek Troška.
The Nightingale /Jolanta
9+, National Theatre
The first opera by Igor Stravinsky and the last opera by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky both come from different musical worlds, yet they thematically meet in a fairy tale theme.