The National Theatre for Seniors

Spectators aged 65+ have a price advantage!

The National Theatre offers seniors aged 65+ tickets with a 50% discount on seats for all performances in the National Theatre.
*Apart from this discount, seniors can also take advantage of our special offers on selected performances.

Blood Wedding March 29th at 7pm, The Estates Theatre

(Drama, 2nd balcony 150 Kč) 

Juliette (The Key to Dreams) Marc31th at 7pm The National Theatre

(Opera, 2nd balcony 350 Kč)

The Eleventh Commandment  April 2nd at 2pm, The Estates Theatre  

(Drama, 2nd. balcony 100 Kč)

Juliette (The Key to Dreams) April 3th & 12th at 7pm, The National Theatre    

(Opera, 2nd. balcony 350 Kč)

Oliver Twist April 14th at 6pm, The Estates Theatre 

(Balet, Board downstairs–16th, I. a II. balcony 150 Kč)

Wonderful Circus April 15th & 16th at 8pm, The New Stage  

(Laterna magika, 300 Kč)

Manon Lescaut April 17th at 2pm, The National Theatre

(Drama, 200 Kč)

Krakatit  April 21th at 7pm, The National Theatre

(Opera, II. balcony 350 Kč)

Tickets can be purchased at the National Theatre box offices.  Discount can be applied on 2 tickets (senior + accompaniment) of each offered performance after presenting a valid document. Special offers are always announced on the 25th day of the preceding month. 

Telephone  +420 224 901 448  

*The National Theatre and The Estates Theatre- I. and II. gallery
Karlin Music Theatre- seats in the 5th category (selected seats on the I. and II. balcony)
The New Stage- seats at the right and left edge of the auditorium or the whole auditorium
When the performance has reduced auditorium (drama).
Discount cannot be applied on The Servan of Two Masters production, reserved performances, productions of guests ensembles. Discount can be applied either at the box offices or online.