Theatre-Goer Loyalty Card

The more frequently you use the Theatre-Goer Loyalty Card to buy tickets for National Theatre performances the less you pay. Discounts of up to 25%! The card can now be used to purchase 4 tickets for a production!


NUMBER OF PERF. 1. 2. to 4. 5. to 8. 9. to 12. 13. to 16.
DISCOUNT 5 % 10 % 15 % 20 % 25 %

Application for price reductions

  • You can buy the Theatre-Goer Loyalty Card at daytime box offices of the National Theatre
  • The Theatre-Goer Loyalty Card can be used to purchase a maximum of 4 tickets for a production (performances of the same production are given on various dates), a maximum of 36 tickets in total throughout the time of the Card’s validity. The Card can be used for 16 purchases.
  • Every Theatre-Goer Loyalty Card is issued for a specific user upon the submission of proof of identity. The identification data are the name, surname and permanent address.
  • A person is entitled to one Theatre-Goer Loyalty Card. The Card can be lent or given as a present, yet the theatre-goer is obliged to show the card if so requested by the National Theatre staff at the entrance to the auditorium.
  • The Card is valid for one year from the date of its activation. It is activated upon the first ticket purchase following prior payment of the service charge of CZK 200 for the issuance of a new Card. The Card’s validity may expire earlier, after attaining the limit of the total number of purchases, or after attaining the limit of the total number of tickets.
  • The Card does not apply to special projects, performances by guest companies or to the drama performance The Servant of Two Masters.
  • The rules of the Card’s application and the level of discounts with regard to the number of purchases are valid from 1 May 2013. The Cards that have been issued prior to this date are governed until the date of their expiration by the previous terms and conditions of the Card’s application and the previous discounts with regard to the number of purchases.