Laterna magika

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  • Laterna magika The New Stage

    The Little Prince

    New production of Laterna magika at the New Stage.

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  • Laterna magika The New Stage

    Human Locomotion

    Genius of photography Eadweard Muybrige and his turbulent life in a visual movement project.

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  • Laterna magika The New Stage


    New media and dynamic chreography in a dance project of young artists

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Head of the Department of Laterna magika

Mgr. Zdeněk Prokeš
tel.: +420 224 901 237
fax: +420 224 932 092

Head of the Artistic Ensemble

Pavel Knolle
tel.: +420 224 901 559

Secretary of Artistic Administration and Financial Officer

Ivo Jirásek
tel.: +420 224 901 211

PR Assistant of the New Stage and Laterna magika

PhDr. Lucie Kocourková
tel.: +420 601 338 154

Group orders, Laterna magika ticket information

Maria Schormová
tel.: +420 224 901 417

Head of the New Stage Operations

Petr Voříšek
tel.: +420 224 901 340

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