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  • Laterna magika The New Stage

    Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne

    Meet the heroes of Jules Vernes´s stories and a film crew from the beginning of the 20th century.

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  • Laterna magika The New Stage


    New media and dynamic chreography in a dance project of young artists

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2. 9. 2016

Renewed partnership with National Technical Museum

At the beginning of the new season, Laterna magika renewed the partnership with National Technical museum. It is only natural as Laterna magika has a lot in common with the world of the technics. In some of our productions, we have delat with the history of photography and film, for example. Now we want to share another experiences with our audience.

Both the audience of Laterna magika and the visitors of the National Technical Museum will benefot from our agreement. Spectators who attend Human Locomotion or Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne and show the ticket from the performance at the National Technical Museum will receive 20 % discount from the entrance fee. Equally, the visitors of the National Technical Museum can attend these two Laterna magika shows with a 20% discount of they show their ticket from NTM when byuing tickets to our performance. This special offer will be available till the end of the year! 

National Technical Museum in PragueFor over a hundred years extensive collections have been assembled here documenting the development of many technical fields, of the natural and exact sciences, and of industry in the territory of today’s Czech Republic. You can view the most interesting and, in many cases, rare and unique exhibits of our collections in the Museum’s permanent and shorter-term exhibits. Those interested in a more thorough knowledge of the history of technology and its broader contexts have the vast library and archive of the history of technology and industry at their disposal.

1. 9. 2016

Cube - work in progress

Pure dance and projection - new experimental performance that still grows and develops. Come, see and discuss our approach to creation of a piece that will have its official premiere in March but we couldn´t wait to show you the results now. First work in progress performance on September 1, 2016 at 8 pm.

The performance features a succession of images, each of them joining up the space, picture and movement in a different way - by means of applying a new spatial principle, mood, energy. This play with perspective and the illusion of space gives rise to an absolute symbiosis between the individual components on the stage. A unique visual work is capable of absorbing the audience, evoking in them emotions, as well as joy at dance and its sheer ebullience. 

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