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    Human Locomotion

    Genius of photography Eadweard Muybrige and his turbulent life in a visual movement project.

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  • Laterna magika The New Stage

    Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne

    Meet the heroes of Jules Vernes´s stories and a film crew from the beginning of the 20th century.

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  • Laterna magika The New Stage

    Cocktail 012 - The Best of

    The Best of Laterna magika performances.

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  • Laterna magika The New Stage


    Contemporary dance and projections in a new project by young artists

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3. 10. 2017

Back from Hong Kong

"This drama about pioneering Victorian photographer Eadweard Muybridge is visually stunning, with sensual dancing."

"Laterna magika’s Human Locomotion is a multimedia dance drama about the 19th century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, and the dancers’ tribute to the eccentric innovator’s stop-motion technique is on target, stunning to look at and incredibly sensual. (...) 

A group of near-nude female dancers wearing white horse heads stretch, prance and nudge each other in the scene set at the racecourse. Later, the same dancers appear with hoop skirts and little else, their lithe bodies a celebration of the beauty of the human form much in the way that beauty is celebrated in Muybridge’s human studies.

It is evident again when two well-made male dancers fight on an elevated walkway as the actors playing Muybridge and his wife’s lover look on impassively. The fighters strip down and engage in slow-motion, superbly choreographed combat with some headbutting to provide a spot of light relief."

South China Mornig Post

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29. 9. 2017

Greetings from Hong Kong

The artistic ensemble of Laterna magika is currently on tour in Hong Kong. We perform Human Locomtion on 29th a 30th September and 1st October.

First time ever visit to China with multimedia performance about life and works of Eadweard Muybridge, famous British photographer and inventor. Mixture of modern choreography, light design, projection and physical theatre. 

Nest Prague performances of Human Locomotion will be in December: 15. and 16. at 8 pm. Tickets available.

The New Stage is once again hosting an exquisite production, featuring paramount aesthetics of movement, images and, most markedly, the human body.
(Marcela Magdová, Metro)

The most compelling facet in the story-telling is Jan Kodet’s choreography.
(Marcela Benoniová,

The dance appears to be an integral part of the visual aspect, delicately underlining the moods and emotions of the lead characters.
(Lucie Burešová, Taneční

An extraordinarily captivating theatre, one abounding in metaphors, imagination and multilayered images.
(Johana Mücková, Č

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19. 9. 2017

Cube - modern dance in Laterna magika

Come to see our latest project - Cube. On Thursday and Friday, 21 + 22 September.

"The performance comes across as modern in all respects: as regards the variety of interpretation of its sections, the dance phraseology, as well as the application of state-of-the-art technologies. (…) The audiences can see alternating techniques, with some of the images being kick-started by music, while others are fired up by a physical action or film simulation. They are afforded the opportunity to create their own associations, with the result being that the one-hour show seems to go by very quickly. Cube may make one feel constrained, yet on the other hand it features a large-scale architecture and forces one to think, provides a source for play."

(Czech Television web)


"Cube represents the area within which the lives of all of us take place. It is a symbol, as well as a real shape, within which we all move around – in our flats, in our workplaces, in the basic delimitation of space."

(Taneční aktuality - dance magazine)


"I must admit that I admire the courage with which the young dancers embarked upon the project. And I equally praise the way in which they have evolved the experience they had gained during their previous encounters with audio-visual performances. What’s more, I highly appreciate the fact that they have presented to the Laterna magika audience an enlightened and refined rendezvous with contemporary dance."

(Taneční zóna - dance magazine)

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