The Kolowrat Theatre


A chamber stage in the original premises of the Kolowrat Palace. It mainly hosts Drama performances.


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The Kolowrat Theatre

Owing to the exceptional generosity and patronage of the Kolowrat-Krakowski family, the National Theatre can make use of the Kolowrat Theatre, the venue at which Drama productions are most frequently performed, yet Opera and Ballet shows occasionally take place there too.  


Taking place concurrently with the reconstruction of the Estates Theatre was renovation of the adjacent Early Baroque Kolowrat Palace, which has served as the Theatre’s operational building for a long time. Its beautiful façade was created in 1697 according to a design by Giovanni Domenico Orsi. Concealed behind it is the largely intact original two-wing monumental palace layout, which during its reconstruction was restored by removing the later degrading construction modifications.

Complete history of the Kolowrat Theatre

Following a sensitive refurbishment, the spacious attic with its beautiful, largely preserved original truss allowed for the origination of an inspiring space utilisable as the “Kolowrat Theatre”, serving for staging chamber plays primarily based on concentrated dramatic work. The Kolowrat Theatre launched its activity on 2 December 1991 with the premiere of Felix Mitterer’s Visiting Hours.

The National Theatre used the Kolowrat Palace and the Operations Building of the Estates Theatre until the end of June 2013. The National Theatre and the Kolowrat-Krakowski family concluded an agreement that made it possible for the most significant Czech stage to made use of these buildings until that time for a symbolic payment of one Czech crown (CZK) a year. The Kolowrat-Krakowski family has thus confirmed their long-time position as one of the greatest patrons and champions of Czech culture.

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