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20. 6. 2017

Solo for the Two of Us a resounding success

The first two performances of Solo for the Two of Us met with an enthusiastic response. Thank you!

The creators of Solo for the Two of Us and the dancers appearing in the production enjoyed a triumphant success at its first two performances (in the photographs: Petr Zuska, Jaromír Nohavica, Beata Bocek and Pavel Knolle).

Well worth a visit on your way to attending a show of Solo for the Two of Us is the exhibition PZ’s Signature, which is on display in the Václav Havel square next to the New Stage. Highly recommended!!

The trailer for the production can be seen here. More photos of the performance can be found on our Facebook page.

14. 6. 2017

Tonight: premiere of the Solo for the Two of Us

The title, Solo for the Two of Us, refers to several levels at once. It may mean a solo for a relationship between a man and a woman. Or a solo for a human being and his/her demon concealed somewhere within. A solo for an adult and the little child he/she once was and which he/she has lost en route somewhere. 
A solo for a “duet” of the heart and the mind, the soul and the body, life and death. Yet it also concerns a dialogue of an individual with that which surrounds him/her, with the reality and society the person is part of. 

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11. 5. 2017

A truly exceptional Swan Lake

The performance of Swan Lake on 4 May was exceptional indeed. We parted with the beautiful production.The final Swan Lake performance featured the Czech National Ballet principal dancers Nikola Márová and Michal Štípa, who both cherish the title.

The performance was also exceptional for another reason. Within the Fandíme mámám (Supporting Mums) project, it was attended by little Viky and her mother, whose financial situation did not previously allow them to visit the National Theatre. By giving them tickets, we delivered their wish and delighted them.