Ballet Preparatory School

How to participate in an audition?

The Czech National Ballet Preparatory School accepts registrations for an audition for first-grade pupils, girls aged 6 to 7 and boys aged 7 to 8. The school also accepts registrations for older girls and boys, yet their dance skills must at the age level of the respective grade of the Czech National Ballet Preparatory School. 
Please send registration applications on the appropriate electronic form (download) by 30 May 2014 to the email address:
The half-yearly tuition fee for grades 1 to 5 is CZK 4,000 (two 60-minute lessons a week), for advanced pupils it is CZK 5,500 (two 90-minute lessons a week). 


Timetable in 2013/2014 Season to download

Set of rules to download

Summary of dates on which Czech National Ballet Preparatory School lessons will not take place, in compliance with the holidays announced by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic

Autumn holidays: Tuesday 29 October and Wednesday 30 October 2013

Christmas holidays: from Saturday 21 December 2013 to Sunday 5 January 2014. Tuition starts on Monday 6 January 2014. The holidays do not apply to The Nutcracker cast – on dates agreed in advance.

Mid-year holiday: Friday 31 January 2014

Spring holidays: 1 week, with the time depending on the school’s residence

Czech National Ballet’s operational holidays: from Monday 17 February 2014 to Sunday 23 February 2014. Tuition will take place unchanged on the other dates of the spring holidays.

Easter holidays: Thursday 17 April and Friday 18 April 2014. Tuition will be specified according to the needs of the planned Czech National Ballet Preparatory School’s performance.

Summer holidays: from 28 June 2014 to Sunday 31 August 2014

The teaching period in the 2014/15 school year will start on Monday 1 September 2014.

Date of the Czech National Ballet Preparatory School’s “Summer Arabesques IV” training: from Saturday 12 July 2014 to Sunday 27 July 2014. Children will be divided into groups for individual training courses later on.