Zuzana Bambušek Krejzková was born in Pardubice in 1970. Following her studies of textile design at the Secondary Industrial and Technical School in Brno (1984-88) she attended the Arts-and-crafts School Institute in Prague (1988-91). In 1993 she worked as a dresser at Prague’s Divadlo Labyrint theatre. A year later she went over with the director Petr Lébl to the Divadlo Na zábradlí theatre. The first independent work (design of costumes for Wedekind’s Awakening of Spring in Činoherní studio in Ústí nad Labem) was assigned to her in 1994 by the director J. Pokorný, who she subsequently cooperated with not only in Ústí nad Labem (Pitínský: Mother, Pokorný: Dad Shoots Goals etc), but also at Prague’s Divadlo Komedie theatre (Labiche: Window Into The Head), as well as at Brno’s HaDivadlo theatre, most recently on the production of Mayenburg’s Fireface. Within a short time, her work aroused the interest of other directors too. In Činoherní studio in Ústí nad Labem she also designed costumes for the productions of the director D. Czesany (for example, Pokorný: Rest In Peace, Chekhov: Ivanov). Oto Ševčík asked her to cooperate in Nedbal’s Polish Blood at Prague’s Divadlo v Řeznické theatre and Hungarian Wedding at the J. K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen. She worked with the director M. Lang in Prague’s Činoherní klub (Letts: Killer Joe), at Divadlo pod Palmovkou (Rowley/Middleton: The Changeling) and in CD 94 (Shakespeare: The Tempest). She also designed several costume sets at Prague’s Divadlo v Dlouhé theatre (for the director J. Borna for Ashkenazy’s How I Went Astray, for V. Morávek for Cabaret Undine and for H. Burešová for Dostoyevsky’s The Devils). Since 1996 she has continuously cooperated with the director M. Dočekal – at Divadlo Komedie theatre (Chekhov: The Three Sisters, Shakespeare: King Lear, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Taming of the Shrew, Enquist: The Picture Makers, Marlowe: The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, Christie: Ten Little Niggers), at Hradec Králové’s Klicpera Theatre (Shakespeare: Twelfth Night) and at the J. K. Tyl Theatre Opera in Pilsen (Foerster: The Naive). She has recently cooperated on the production of Caligula with the director M. Bambušek at Multiprostor in Louny. Zuzana Krejzková has also designed costumes for TV and film (for example, Wild Bees, directed by B. Sláma). She has collaborated with the National Theatre Drama section on a number of productions, the first being Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac (2002), then Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (2002), Volánková’s 22 Anxiety St. and Mastrosimone’s Like Totally Weird (both in 2003), Moliere’s The Miser and Carol Churchill’s Top Girls (both in 2004). She has co-operated with the National Theatre Opera on the The Bartered Bride (2004) and The Secret (2006) productions.