Václav Postránecký

He started to act and sing in renowned Disman radio children’s ensemble, he played children roles in films and at the Theater of Vinohrady. Václav apprenticed to be a locksmith, but destiny led him into the theatre, where he began to work as a stage technician. In years 1960 - 1962 he started to act in Slovácké Theatre in Uherské Hradiště. In the following years (1962 – 1969) was contracted at the Brno National Theatre (for example in Shakespeare‘s – „A Midsummer Night's Dream“). Then came the first engagement in the Prague Municipal Theatres. Václav is a member of the National Theatre company since 1979 and is still faithful to this scene - for more than a thirty years now. From a long list of characters he performed there we are mentioning at least a little bit of them: Edgar (Shakespeare: „King Lear“), Rogozhin (Dostoyevsky: „The Idiot“), Rosenkrantz (Shakespeare : „Hamlet“), Oront (Moliere: „Le Misanthrope“), i(Shakespeare: „King Henry IV“ - both parts), Count d'Albafiorita (Goldoni: „Mirandolina“) etc. He is famous for his television and film roles and with his collaboration with radio. He is the president of the Actors Association, since 2005.

Václav Postránecký appears in productions

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