Eva Jiřikovská

Eva Jiřikovská graduated in graphics and fine arts at Masaryk University, Brno, in painter Jan Vičar´s studio. Since 2004 she has worked as a scenographer and costume designer in Slovacke Theater in Uherské Hradiště, cooperating on productions such as Gypsies, Kalib´s Crime – which was nominated for the 2012 Alfred Radok´s Prize (directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský), The War With Salamanders (directed by Dodo Gombár), Svatba (dir. by Anna Petrželková), Bambiland, Medeia(dir. by Jiří Honzírek), Cybercomics, Blue Blossoms, Mein Faust, Villon F. – nominated for the 2007 Alfred Radok´s Prize (directed by Jakub Maceček), The Lantern - nominated for the 2013 Alfred Radok´s Prize -, If A thousand Clarinets, Bernarda Alba´s House, The God of Massacre, Our  Pigheaded Men, King Richard III (directed by Igor Stránský) etc. Also, she is the author of all commercial art pieces in the same theatre. Simultaneously, in parallel with her home scene she cooperated with the National Theatre in Brno – Janáček Theatre (Perikola – nominated for the 2012 Alfred Radok´s Prize, directed by Tomáš Studený, The Pharmacist – nominated for the 2010 Alfred Radok´s Prize, directed by Tomáš Studený), (The station: Dancing Room – directed by Dodo Gombár, The Ideal Husband – directed by Jakub Maceček, A Fairy Tale About Little Mozart and Big Dragon – directed by Jiří Honzírek), in J.K.Tyl Theatre in Plzeň (La traviata – directed by Linda Keprtová), in the National Theatre in Košice (opera Ariadna in Naxos, directed by Linda Keprtová), in the Municipal Theatre in Zlín (Oresteia – nominated for the 2013 Alfred Radok´s Prize, directed by J.A. Pitínský, The Goddesses of Žítková – dir. by Dodo Gombár, My Fair Lady – directed by Zdeněk Dušedk) in Švandovo Theatre (Merlin: The Birth, Merlin: The Grail, Crash by the Brook; Shut Up, Job, Shut Up; Escalator; ¨The Country Called Apathy- directed by Dodo Gombár), in HaDivadlo (Idiots – directed by Jiří Honzírek), in Petr Bezruč Theatre (The Miser – nominated for the 2008 Alfred Radok´s Prize, directed by Zdeněk Dušek), The Foam of the Days – directed by Anna Petrželková), in Polárka Theatre (Golem – directed by Jiří Honzírek), Total Chaos – directed by Jakub Maceček, in U stolu Theatre (The Death Castle – directed by Jakub Maceček), in the Olomouc Moravian Theatre (Mandragora) and in Husa na provázku theatre (Ballerinas), in the Slovak Chamber Theatre in Martin (Hamlet- directed by Dodo Gombár), in Aréna Theatre in Bratislava (Das Ding – directed by Alena Lelková), and others. As part of her long-term collaboration with Hradišťan folklore ensemble (also as a dancer) she created scenes for 3x A Man (2010), for the cantata of Bohuslav Martinů, a composer (Bunch of Flowers, 2007, then Love Songs and Dances (Carmina Catulli by Carlo Orff, and Weddings by Igor Stravinskij, 2011, both staged for the International Opera Festival in Litomyšl. She partook in Czech TV documents (The Mister – directed by Petr Hajn, Coming Back Home From Bethelem – directed by Petr Hajn), in the feature The Little Key, as an architect in the shooting of the programme  Tomáš Matonha´s Front- piece, and as an architect in Bolek Polívka´s Arena.  She systematically develops her own works – see e.g. the individual exhibition Grandmother´s Coffee Set in Slovacke Theatre, the group exhibition within the 250th anniversary of W.A.Mozart´s birth at Mozarthaus in Wien, and the participation in the painting symposium in Hodonín, group exhibitions in the Municipal theatre in Brno, Litoměřice and others.

Update: October 2014

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