Erika Turunen

Erika Turunen was born in 1966 in Turku, Finland. In 1988-1993, she studied fashion and costume design at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. From 1995 to 2009, she led the costume department of the Finnish National Opera. Later, she became the assistant manager. She designed the costumes for this company for the productions of e.g. Blood Wedding (2010, ch. C. Marston), Shine (2009, ch. K. Kvarnström), Sleeping Beauty (2008, ch. J. Torres), Colours (2006, ch. J. Uotinen), The Hobbit (2001, ch. M. Kuusela) a R&J (2000, ch. M. Fountoura) and for the opera productions of The Red Line (2007, directed by P. Milonoff) and Il Viaggio and remission (2003, r. D. Fo). In the spring of 2007, she was in charge of costumes for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2010 she founded her own design studio - Atelier Hurma, where apart from theatre costumes, she designs evening dresses. She has been working with Tero Saarinen for over ten years. His productions, in which she was involved in include Wavelengths (2000, Finnish National Ballet), Petrushka (2001, Tero Saarinen Company), HUNT (2002, Tero Saarinen Company), Georgia (2003, Finnish National Ballet), Borrowed Light (2004, Tero Saarinen Company), Frail Line (2006, NDT1), Mariage (2007, Opéra national de Lorraine a le CNN - Ballet de Lorraine), Next of Kin (2008, Tero Saarinen Company), Scheme of Things (2009, NDT1), Double Lives (2010, Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg and Tanztheater Bremen) a Blossom & Decay (working title, 2011).

Photo: Tanja Ahola