Dominik Teleky

Guest of Laterna magika

Born in Michalovce, eastern Slovakia, Dominik Teleky lives in Brno. He is currently studying drama for the third year at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, under the tutelage of Nika Brettschneiderová and Igor Dostálek. Since his freshman year, he has been performing at the Municipal Theatre in Brno, appearing in the productions of the musicals Cats, Flashdance, Ghost and Johnny Blue. Furthermore, he has been working for the Feste theatre in Brno, and performed at the music festival in Znojmo and in the opera Platee.

Dominik has also appeared on TV, including in Jiří Strach’s fairy tale Svatojánský věneček (A Midsummer Wreath), and in several student films. He was a member of Slovakia’s Zemplín Folk Company and the Ondráš Military Ensemble in Brno. He tries to sing, tap-dance, play the guitar and the piano. For seven years, he practised karate, yet he avoids conflict, with the only exception being on stage.

Dominik Teleky appears in productions

SEASON 2016/2017